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Stock Trading Success Systems w/Ongoing Webinar Coaching:
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Hal Morse
System Owner


"One gets the idea--shucks if those folks can do it --maybe--just maybe- there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The course has given me a feeling of confidence --  the information about the candlestick chart reading using hourly charts for early trend changes was probably worth the entire cost of the course.

Also if the stock had been in an up trend- it was probably about over--so it will possibly be a good time to expect a downturn. Fighting the market is not profitable.   The knowledge of when to get in and possibly out.

Education I was much in need of--and supplied very well by both Ken and Steve!"


Oliver Hu

System Owner


"I like the 14-DVD system very much. It is an easy to learn step by step trading technique.

Because I do not have much time every day I appreciate the swing trading techniques very much.

Especially the doji candles near resistance and support from Steve and the cup pattern break outs and break downs from Ken is a very powerful strategy to me.

From now on I just lose a little and win lots and feel much more confidence to trade. Thank you both Steve and Ken."


Larry Denlinger
System Owner


"The entire Stock Trading Success System was exceptional in explaining how the "live trading" made for successful trades.

Specifically, the info was not scripted so the DVDs provided (and will provide in the future) a more authentic view of how stock trading can be done successfully.

One of my most productive trades was X which another subscription service firm provided negative input.

I guess it paid to get a top trading approach like the Stock Trading Success System. More importantly, I've used Steve's candlestick charts/patterns to avoid buying stocks which quickly went south soon after I thought it was the right time to enter the trade!
Discipline. I know you want a longer narrative on my success, but I must say that the Stock Trading Success System can best be implemented by disciplining oneself to follow in detail what both Ken and Steve preach...

By following the principles identified in the system, I believe that most traders can be successful.


Steve Boxford
System Owner


"One of the best aspects of the DVD content was the focus on the scanning process for possible trades and, perhaps more to the point, the dismissal of those stock charts that would be a waste of time (and probably money).

Further, the amount of material on entries, exits and timing, from both Steve and Ken, was excellent...

My whole approach is now far more systematic and strategic. Discipline and confidence is increasing trade by trade...

I have always had plenty of 'wins' but these have invariably been negated by the losses.

Thanks to the 14-DVD system, I have eliminated many of the mistakes I used to make (still working!) and thus, get to keep alot more of what I make.


Tolis Deslis
System Owner


"I enjoyed very much the candlesticks section. I have used many times the gap up/gap down as support and resistance with great success.

The other two most exciting patterns of the engulfing white candlestick as well as the engulfing black candlestick have helped

Thanks a lot for the useful info.

The biggest difference is that now I get out when I see a reversal and I do not wait until I loose the money I have to the prior move of the stock."


Sergey Semenets
System Owner


"Outstanding!!! This system was a real eye opener. I can't imagine anyone starting to trade without having an understanding of the material covered.

Ken and Steve was a great. They presented the materials in a clear and easy to understand manner.

I feel more disciplined and able to trade while protecting equity better. Ken's explanation on “reading the tape” was excellent!"


Frank D'Anelli

System Owner


"Trading is now made have taken the "guesswork" part of trading out of the equation. I no longer feel I am gambling!

Trading was such a mundane job I almost gave up on it. The frustration levels were approaching window jumping levels until I purchased your course material.


Gail Zeigler
System Owner


"The best thing about these DVD's are the fact that the seminar was done during real trading days and in realtime.

It's easy to teach about things that have already happened and what you should have done.

Here you can see what to do as it unfolds in front of you..

This was always a problem for me, but I learned from Ken & Steve when a breakout is confirmed and when to enter.

One of the biggest problems I had was staying too long in a trade and seeing my gains evaporate. This course has helped me to know when to exit a trade from the very clear signals that are given and to bank the gain."


Richard Smith
System Owner


"I like that I can review the dvd's anytime I need to refresh my memory on how to place a trade. I have learned alot from Steve and Ken. I like the detail that they go into about how to be successful in all trades.

They are also honest enough to explain that you will have losing trades but you need to limit your loss.

I like how Ken explained that you need to find stocks that move more than a couple of dollars in order to find a winning trade. Thanks Ken and Steve

Before I traded mostly low price stocks so i could buy large shares but now I trade higher price stocks with lower shares because I believe I have a better chance of making winning trades."

Raymond Lai
System Owner


"I like the trading strategies which explained by Ken, and how to set up entry points and stop loss point.   Also the window, which (was) explained by Steve, is very useful tool for me.

I used to get into the market by my feeling, but now I have the strategies to know that I should buy or wait.That why I can win the money now."

Mike Wilburn
System Owner


"The DVD Trading Success System is "The Bomb". Steve and Ken's presentations were exactly what I needed to give me confidence.

Knowledge is key and these guys gave me a keys to the vault. After paper trading several stocks based on the newly learned techniques,

I am confident I'll be also become a very wealthy trader this year.

Before gaining the knowledge from these guys, I used to trade mostly stocks under $10 with very little volume.

Now, I only trade the one with new 2-day highs over $30 with proper candle stick patterns and high volume.

Now I know what to look for, Finally!

Dennis Wilborn
System Owner


The entry techniques for both day trading and swing trading are phenomenal. 

By following both your guidance poor trades are avoided for more high probability trades, which equates to greater, consistent profit. 

Again, one of the best training investments I’ve ever made."


Don Amerine
System Owner


"Nothing beats seeing the charts while the market is open.

Actually using the methods during different times while the market is open is essential to get the feel of the way to use them in practice.

I know how to wait for the right chart pattern before I get in now, and make a lot fewer trading mistakes than in the past. The money has started to come in."


Sven Van Loon
System Owner


"Live examples of finding entry and exit points give a very practical approach to learning how to day trading or swing trade the markets.

The combination of Eastern and Western technical analyses is a strong tool for finding high probability trade opportunities.

I use candlestick patterns and ADX breakouts now on all my trading.

I used to have difficulty finding the best stocks to trade, had poor risk management, I wasnt confident about my entries and exits and had no idea how to find support and resistance lines.

Now I only enter trades that show a clear candlestick pattern, I know at what price to enter and exit, I draw support and resistance lines automatically on every chart I look at. This gives me great confidence in my trading.

I do mainly Swingtrading now, if I had time I'm confident to start daytrading using the same techniques."


Colin Appleyard
System Owner


"Firstly, I particularly liked Ken's very precise decision making procedure to identify, confirm, and implement intraday trading opportunities on a live market basis.

Secondly, I particularly liked Steve's key message, emphasised over over again, of combining the extraordinary power of

candle structures and pattern analysis with key western technical analysis tools and techniques such as Volume analysis and Support/Resistance analysis.

Thirdly, I particularly liked the audience participation part of the series, including the personal experiences very much like my own.

I consider my specific success story as being the successful encapsulation of the many disciplines and methodologies taught by Ken and Steve throughout the series into a powerful and well documented Trading Plan on which to base my future trading experiences.

Prior to watching and studying in detail the 14-DVD Stock Trading Success series, I had considerable fear of Intraday trading.

However, Ken's enthusiastic and confidence building appoach to identifying gap continuation and 2-day high/low breakout/breakdown trading opportunities, using 1-minute charts and Time and Sales information, has motivated me to encapsulate such an approach within my Trading Plan.


Ted Fuller
System Owner


"Practical examples are given in the System.

This makes it easier to apply the techniques taught.

The system has saved me from losses by teaching me to move with the volume.



Manuel Martins
System Owner


"I enjoyed very much and learned a great deal from the combination of the best western technical indicators with the candlesticks.

The 14 DVD course: first, gave me much better, more timely and more defined entry and exit points ( I especially found useful the ENGULFING CANDLES -the bullish ones for going long and the bearish ones for going short - since they are

very clear, sure-proof, visible and easily recognized signals for timing my entries and/or exits in the Forex market - and YES, these techniques apply very well and profitably to this fast-moving market );

Second, gave me the confidence to take trades EARLIER than I was used to ( before I'd look for and wait for more confirmation signals and therefore when I would enter the trade, a great percentage of potential profit was gone/lost ) and stay LONGER in the trade and exit it with much better timing through the "reversal signals" on the candlestick charts, thus protecting and extending my profits...

Third, taught me to avoid trading false breakouts and chopping/sideways markets, thereby bringing down the percentage of my losses and the time I am in the market;
fourth, taught me to have the PATIENCE - oh, what a GREAT VIRTUE this is ! - to WAIT for the right setup and the right time, while in the past I would have just jumped in ( and quickly, most of the time, run into a losing position);

Fifth, gave me the ability to read the price action, using the candlestick signals and formations, much better and faster, thus avoiding entering into positions with a low initial success probability.

And all of these results lead me to HIGHLY RECOMMEND this course, which is professionally done, highly logical and VERY PRACTICAL.. Thank you , Steve and Ken. Nice Job! "

Naresh Abichandani
System Owner


"Mr. Ken's idea of waiting and not jumping in quickly in a trade and that a stock has to show strengths either way. Now I do look for setups and then only trade.

Wealth of information in the DVD's. Best part is one can replay and learn the stuff.

Before I used to take lot of trades however after seeing the DVD's. I have become a little conservative. I dont jump in quickly.

Bonnie Terry

System Owner


"I liked the energy of the presentations... made me feel like I was attending live! They also made me KNOW that I can really do this profitably.

Seeing the live set-ups and how Ken chooses stocks to trade - which ones were worth trading and which ones were not is invaluable.

Being able to watch the dvd's over and over really helps me ... each time I watch I get more out of them.

I can't wait to check the charts every morning. The other improvement I have found is in analyzing my mistakes.

I can now see what I've done wrong so that I do not repeat the mistakes e.g. getting in a trade that is in the 'box' range.

The course has helped me to avoid the intra-day choppiness - even today - I didn't take a trade because the timing was wrong - I could see that from what I had learned. My husband was saying to me - there is your entry and I was able to say, no, it is just choppy now and has no direction ... I need to wait for the break up or the break down in order to take the trade.

I also know more on how to set up my daily routine so that I am more relaxed and less panicked and stressed ... when I see the trade present itself, I take it with confidence, knowing my stop and my target ahead of time"

Mike Sosnowski
System Owner


"I liked the live trading sessions with Ken. Watching the dvd's not only taught me invaluable trading techniques, but also gave me the confidence to implement them in live markets with success.

I also liked what Steve taught on the candlesticks. It made chart reading much easier.

I am finally making money on the markets consistently. I used to have a winning trade, only to be followed by a losing trade. My account was slowly going in the wrong direction.

Now, using what I learned from Ken and Steve, I no longer have any fear or anxiety when trading. I am confident in my trades and making money daily has become almost routine.

Geoff Buckley
System Owner


"I liked the exact detail of which shares fall into the most profitable trade category i.e. over $30, 10000+ shares /min volume thereby narrowing the field of eligible trades. 

Also Ken's insight into time & sales use alone would be worth the cost of the 14 DVD's.

As I have only traded the UK markets up to now, the huge amount of information gleaned from the course will undoubtedly be of immense value to me as I make the transition to the U.S. markets.

The difference that the 14 DVD's have made is that I now have a stronger, more precise trading system to use, and have a  far better understanding of where to place entries & exits — but even more important is the appreciation of where to place stop losses.

The ammount of information available on the DVD's is staggering, I have watched them 3 times & each time I learn something new that I had previously overlooked."

Laura Tells Us That Thanks To
All She's Learned, She's
Confident That She'll Make
Back The Modest Cost Of
Her Training In Just One Day!
"I've been trading for about 16 months, swing trading... I like the day trading aspect of it, and I feel that after everything I've learned today, between Ken and Steve...
  Click above to see this trader's
actual Video 'Success Story'
Laura Hametz
Stock Trading Success
System Trader

...and everything yesterday, I'm ready to go, and I'm going to pay for my course in ONE Day!"

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Jeff Says It's "Beyond Belief, Guys...!  Wonderful Two-Day Session... I'm Scared To Look
Back And Realize How Much I
Was Missing...!"
"I just got finished with a wonderful two-day session with Ken Calhoun and Steve Nison, and I'll tell you what — I've for about a year, and I've been profitable, but I'm scared to look back and realize how much I was missing...
  Click above to see this trader's
actual Video 'Success Story'
Jeff Yates
Stock Trading Success
System Trader

And after I realized it, I'll be able to use charts and volume and a lot of the techniques I wasn't using ...

It's gave me a different outlook.. on how to actually use all those indicators in aggregate, to make sure I'm making a more positive trade. Beyond belief guys...

if you're thinking about attending this seminar.. DO IT!"

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Says "Thank You Very Much"; Finds It "Very Interesting To Watch An Expert On The Kickoff!"
"This is the first seminar of this type that I've attended... I thought it was very interesting to watch an expert on the kickoff of the market....

How to prepare for the market, how to use the prior two-day swings to determine what you're going to do in the market..
...especially risk and reward... hopefully this is going to improve my trading... and I need some improvement.  Click above to see this trader's
actual Video 'Success Story'

Ernie Swallie
Stock Trading Success
System Trader

Thank you very much, both of you!"

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Ron Zebrowski
System Owner


"I really liked Ken and Steve's implementation of the theory and Kens emphasis that this particular bit of information was IMPORTANT!

The top down methodology by following the market internals was also great. I don't think too many new traders use that approach consistently.

I used to not wait for the best setups but rather go with setups tht were only marginal. This caused me a lot of extra work not to mention the extra commission expense.

Now I'm being ALOT more patient and only trading half the trades that I was doing prior."


Andrew Lam
System Owner


"Your 14-DVD has taken me to a new level of trading the stock market. I am a
long/medium term investor using gearing and hedging facilities for my portfolio.

I also do regular short term trading and daytrading to generate cashflow to support the cost of maintaining my long term portfolio (costs of hedging and interest).

My favourite trading technique learned from your lessons is gap down play which I find most successful and the reward/risk is phenomenal when I combine it with my short term trading experience.


John Parkman
System Owner


"I've been trading for over a year now. Like many traders, day and swing, I initially had more confidence and swagger than real knowledge, let alone control of my emotions.

After using many different systems and instruments, I finally settled down, throttled back my trading size, and began practicing your methodology professionally.

I'm a real fan of how straightforward you are in your seminars and the fast pace you move at...which is exactly the pace one needs to confidently and successfully
enter and exit in day trading.

Thank you for putting all the effort you do into making your approach understandable and challenging. Keep up the great work!"


Art K.
System Owner


"No problem pulling the trigger, but pulling the trigger without a trade plan was getting expensive.

Seeing Ken's top down approach to the markets has shown me where to trade and when to trade.

Mapping out a trade plan in advance has led to less and more profitable trigger pulls.

As the saying goes "Plan the trade and trade the plan" - Really does make sense and a more profitable trader out of you...

As for both day trading and swing trading, Steve Nison's candlestick analysis, risk / reward and money management tactics are all the major ingredients that go into making successful trade setups.

Learning some of Steve's candlestick analysis alone, has paid for this DVD set just from the savings of not taking unnecessary stops that I was normally taking. A worthwhile investment!

I am trading with much more knowledge and confidence now. I did a Calhoun-Nison marathon weekend to watch all 14 DVDs just to get the overall picture of the system and I am now watching one video at a time to absorb as much information as I can.

Watching these DVD's is answering a lot of questions I didn't even know I had and is helping me pull a more focused overall picture together for me. In addition I like having the ability to both day trade and Swing trade, which I never did before. This is a thumbs up from me. Thanks Ken, thanks Steve.


Jason Eldan
System Owner


"What I like (or learned) most about the 14-DVD course is I became more disciplined on my stops, therefore minimizing my losses and maximizing my gains.

My before and after difference - finally my entry and exit points are more defined, my profits are larger, and the BIG ONE my losses are smaller, and keeping emotions and greed out of my trading."

Lee Trick
System Owner


"I am just really getting into the series, but already, I have increased my knowledge about candles and exit/entry manyfold.

I believe the biggest difference is feeling more confident in my trades.

Ask me again in about two months, when I have had a chance to complete the series, and I am positive that I can tell you some really great success stories."


Jerome Scola
System Owner


"I am a new trader about 8 months and I've cut my teeth with your concepts. The entry setups are specific such as trading 2 day high low breakouts...

The candle analysis is awesome.

...the 14 DVD set has improved my confidence level. I recently set up my trading system around the principles explained in the series."


Jeffrey Weisburgh
System Owner


"I am a new trader who is currently paper trading and still learning the "ropes".

I have gone through the 14-DVD Stock trading Success System a couple of times now, and each time through I gain different and valuable insights into trading from Steve and Ken that I would otherwise be missing.

Even though I'm still paper trading, Ken and Steve have really helped me understand not just the basics of trading, but also the many nuances that can mean the difference between being an average trader and being a highly successful trader.

The Stock Trading Success System has now given me the confidence to move from paper trading to real trading. As just one example, I've learned from Steve and Ken how to determine quickly if I'm wrong in a trade and to get out with only a small loss."


J. Lombard
System Owner


I believe by taking your DVD Course, I will be saving $1000's!   My confidence has soared with your system.

I'm excited to trade again and can't wait to check charts!
Thank you so VERY much for your DVD course. Wish I had had it back in 2000!.

The DVD course has expanded my trading so much on candles that I've been able to finally take any emotion out of my trades and make far better decisions than I'd ever dreamed possible.

Quicker entry/exit points makes for greater profits!"

Albert Ferreira
System Owner


"When someone starts in the stock market all you think is about money, but to make money first you have to learn how to be a good trader.

To become a good trader first you have to find the right material, learn it, and then practice it, and money will come.

There are lots of books, websites out there. You spend money, time, and the results are not good, and then you quit.

When you have the right material, like the 14 DVD's, it will make a big difference - you cut your learning curve and minimize your losses.  It is the best out there.

I am a beginner but after I bought the 14DVD's and study them with tenacity and perseverance the perspectives of success are 100%...

Make the right choice and buy the 14 DVD's, I made that choice and in 5 years I will be living on a beach in Brazil..."


Pat Romero
System Owner


"My 14-DVD system is what I have been waiting for since I started this venture in trading 5 years ago...

Everything has come together for me. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I am so indebted and grateful to you Ken & Steve.

I have now gone through the DVD'S twice and learned even more. I incorporate every thing I have learned to my every day trading. I don't know how I have survived this long with out your system or you guys...

I am extremely confident once I harness my demons and trade strictly to your plan my losses will come to an break even from the past and I will make my living from what you have taught me.

I was distracted before and even thought about moving on but I knew I had the knowledge to make it work but I just didn't have direction. Now I do, I fell very confident in the future I will be have some serious success stories.

I just can't express myself well enough here. The money I paid for the 14 DVD systems was pennies compared to the information I have learned."

Albert Koike

System Owner


"I liked the real time entry and exit points that Ken kept drilling the class with...

I thought the time and sales indicator was very good at revealing how much stock was being bought, and the speed of the tape would determine if I was going to enter the trade, and what size of a position I would put on.

Thanks to the Stock Trading Success system I have kept myself from over trading and that has kept me out of bad trades.

Before I got the 14 dvd system I would over trade in confusion, and lose money. Now I wait... until the market is breaking out of a consolidation or some kind of candlestick pattern that I now can recognize...

I now check the hot sectors then scan the stocks breaking out of those hot sectors and then trade..

Before I was not confident in my trades, but  now I feel I have the ability to consistently make winning trades!!! Thanks Steve and Ken for giving me the tools and knowledge to build a richer life...  

Sriram J.
System Owner


"...I was so totally engrossed that I had almost gone through the entire series in one go.

IT IS A MUST for those traders who are in the quest of becoming high performers.

Ken's guidance on how to scan for the best trades or the potential winners as well as how to avoid bad trades was quite insightful and fascinating.

His tutorial on entries and exits coupled with appropriate markings of stops should give a tremendous boost to traders' confidence particularly those who have been struggling to handle such situations.

As for Steve, I am not new to his lectures. I have all his DVDs on candlesticks. Yet, I always found something new, particularly his explanations on multiple timeframes, how to deal with support and resistance, traders' checklist etc. These are invaluable pieces that every trader should be capitalising on to enhance his percentage of success...

Conviction, Commitment and Confidence are the cornerstones of every successful trader. Although I always possessed the first two attributes, the last one had always been a fluctuating one until I acquired the 14-DVD Stock Trading Success System.

I would have it in all my paper tradings but somehow it had been something different in the real trading environment. These DVDs had provided the crucial fine-tunings and the result was what I shared with you in the earlier paragraph.

I am still working on avoding exits sooner than what is needed to travel almost the full distance. That of course, comes with the practice since I already have the confidence to handle any trade now." 

Shane Vollehoven
System Owner


"The DVD system works very well for me. Whenever I need to refresh a topic I
just replay the relevant DVD.

It is a valuable source of reference in my investment library.

Learning to trade two minute chart was an enormous benefit to my trading plan."


Reza Ramezankhani
System Owner


"I liked the realtime entries that Steve and Ken explained, they will help me improve my trading.

I used to be hesitant on my entries; now thanks to Steve and Ken, I am a more confident trader."

John L. Smith
System Owner


"I liked how professionally designed this seminar was. The content discussed is priceless to me.

The hosts are very passionate about teaching strategies to their students. The Video quality and layout are excellent.

This is the Best Series in my Learning Library.

I trade the market on a 15 min turnaround. As with any developing trader, i feel that learning which stocks to trade and learning how to stay out of bad trades is a must for capital preservation.

The series has helped me eliminate the stocks that are not worth my consideration, so my trades are more profitable because I am making better stock selections. If I had a chart without Candles, I could not trade. They are my Primary Tool in my Trading Arsenal.

Just knowing that when you are short a stock and all of a sudden you see a Bullish Engulfing Pattern the size of a 10 story building it might be a good time to cut and run, has been invaluable to my capital preservation.

This is an excellent course for Developing Traders as are the Instructors who are Teaching it. I only wish that this course was available when I started trading, as it would have boosted my learning curve a lot, and preserved my capital.

Before: Hesitating and getting in late on entries. trading without strategies, not honoring stops, buying stocks and expecting a dollar move when the trading range of the stock was .75 all day. Trading chop and not even knowing it. Having the Market play me.

Now: Using the strategies in this course to confidently enter into new positions. No hesitation. Trading stocks that have good trading ranges, always using the Candles in whatever strategies I'm using, to enter or take profits. Now I am playing the Market. My Journey has just begun, I would like to thank Ken and Steve for a Job Well Done!"

Miguel Varela
System Owner


"After reading emails from Steve about the the DVDs coming out and giving the descriptions of the DVDs, it was exactly my style of trading but I had no clue how to trade that way.

I was so convinced that these new strategies would completely change my life financially and the funny thing was that I didnt even like trading the stock market ...

I struggled with the decision of buying the DVDs but I couldn't ignore all the techniques that I was lacking...I quickly bought the DVDS and when I recieved them...
I devoured them. It was if Steve and Ken tailored every little detail to me.....

The coolest thing about learning all of these new strategies is that you control the outcome...

Curtis Boomer
System Owner


"Nothing I have seen compares with the trading system that Ken and Steve have produced. I felt like I was in the classroom as these two experts taught step by step how to trade successfully.

The real time trading was a definite plus for learning how to trade. It was obvious that a lot of planning had gone into the production of this course.

Before I studied the DVDs I was losing money slowly but regularly. Looking for resistance and support areas helped me know when to buy and sell.

Before watching the DVDs I was not sure what stocks to trade and when to buy and sell. I have learned exactly what stocks to look for thanks to Ken and I have learned how to use candles for support and resistance thanks to Steve. "

This Is The First Time in Over
20 Years Of Trading Experience She's EVER Recommended a Trading Seminar To Anyone...!   Says It's EXTREMELY VALUABLE!

"I consider myself a statistician and an engineer...very specific, very methodical...I've been a fundamental trader for over 20 years...
this is the first time I've actually gained some confidence ...

Now I know exactly what to do... how to exit really fast...

...for setting price targets.... how the breakout patterns work, and what the primary indicators are..   Click above to see this trader's
actual Video 'Success Story'
Nalini Uhrig
Stock Trading Success
System Trader

"I consider this extremely valuable, and I'm not one who stands up, and recommends any seminar, this is the first time I'm doing it, and I'm really proud to do it with two great experts."

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Kate Exclaims "It's Been Very Valuable!", Says She's Learned "Some Excellent Ways" To
Improve Her Swing And
Intraday Trades...
"It's been a very valuable seminar... Ken has shown me some very good ways to do premarket screening to narrow down which stocks I'm going to focus on for the day... 
Also four ways to trade gaps, so four new strategies there...  Click above to see this trader's
actual Video 'Success Story'

Kate Bevill
Stock Trading Success
System Trader

"In addition, Steve has shown me some excellent ways to drill down on 60- 30- and 15-minute charts for swing trading, as well as refining the use of candlestick signals, in order to decrease my risk exposure.. It's been a very good seminar!"

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Anne Confidently Says She
"Expects It To Contribute
Enormously To My ACCOUNTS!"
"I'm so new to day trading that I haven't done it at all... my experience is with swing trading.  That experience is less than a year.  I was hoping to learn about day trading in this workshop, and it has been tremendous..

I learned the methods that I need to prepare for the market... to scan for stocks, to evaluate what I expect the stocks to do.. entry points, exit points, risk/reward..  Click above to see this trader's
actual Video 'Success Story'

Anne Davis

Stock Trading Success
System Trader

From the candlesticks, I learned a much deeper analysis of the charts — looking at multiple timeframes, looking at the trend, looking at convergence...

The seminar has been terrific, and I expect it to contribute enormously to my accounts, which is the bottom line!"

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Alan Says It "Helped Me
Gain Confidence and the Reinforcement That I
Really Need...!"
"This is my second time at a seminar like this, this one was absolutely different than the first one was, for me..

This one helped me gain confidence and reinforcement that I really need to become profitable with intraday trading, and if I should choose to do, swing trading... I feel confident I can do that preparing from Steve Nison.. Click above to see this trader's
actual Video 'Success Story'

Alan Burch
Stock Trading Success
System Trader
"And I wanted to thank Ken Calhoun for having this seminar, and the emphasis on the realtime aspects of watching all this live... thank you very much for putting this on!"

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Charles Blatt
System Owner


"The live interactive recording of the trading make a much greater impact then just watching a lecture. I felt as though I was in the actual classroom receiving personal help.

Before studying the 14 DVD course I relied on others for recommendations and/or took my (best guess) based on the limited knowledge I had.

Now, I am able to scan the market more quickly, make decisive decisions about entering, or not entering, a trade and as a result have increased profits.


Kai Whitney
(and friend)

System Owner


"I couldn't have asked for a better combo in trading ... With today's markets you can't wait for lagging indicators to confirm your trade before you put it on.

Ken and Steve really help me with planning my trades and trading my plan!

Without the system I would have not had the confidence to trade GS, ICE, NYX and other high priced stocks. If there was only one thing to take away from the system it was to trade only stocks above $30.00!

... After I went through the 14-DVD Stock Trading Success System and was introduced to Ken throught the DVD's, I quit my 12 year career on Wall Street and went to a prop firm to trade for myself. The absolute best investment I ever made!


Mike Gleason
System Owner


"These (DVDs) are just like sitting in class. Nothing like looking at real time entries to help educate yourself.

As they say, "One Day with the master is like a year of reading the book." Perhaps we say, "One day of live classes is a year of reading the book."

Knowing when to get in and out is really the key. The DVDs helped me fully focus on that.

I have used numerous recommendations from the "Experts" for some of my trading. Now I take their picks, apply what I learned on the DVDs, and feel more confident in analyzing their picks.

I feel more comfortable looking for my own stocks after watching the DVDs. My setups are much better now."


Fermal Simpson
System Owner


"Your success system gave me a whole new view on intra-day trading. I was so amazed how step by step entry and exits could be done in such a short time during the day.

I was a 3-5 month swing trader who look at the forest and not the trees in the forest ....up close and personal.

I love the way Ken traded in the first few hour of the day and then exit for the day ....I loved that.

I have been a hardcore paper trader for the months of December and late January. My paper profits have been 80% steady using the Stock Trading Success System. I really love trading the intraday. What a wake-up call.

I do find that now I am more focus on my entries and exists more ...I can pull the trigger with more confidence and I feel I am more in controll.

Ram Paratian
System Owner


"I am new and have been exposed to the market for only the past four years...

What I enjoyed most about these DVDs were Ken's explanations of his experience and reaction to different market situations...

I used some of the elements of these DVDs to make a few modifications into the style I was already trading up to now.

As previously mentioned, there are a few ideas from these DVDs that I am including in my "Trading Plan". So, moving forward, I hope to have tightened a few loose ends."


John Balas
System Owner


"Since I consider myself to be an intermediate trader, the most helpful aspect of the DVD's were how to "drill down" to the stocks with the best probability of being successful trades.

After viewing the DVD my time spent researchng and analyzing positions to take has more focus. Although I am spending more time doing research, I am finding better candidates for trades."

Kevin Kinsella
System Owner


"Your DVD Series has changed my trading efforts 180 degrees.

Utilizing the Time & Sales Data...changes the rules completely. It instills tremendous confidence, as opposed to just "hoping" the entry and exit points are good choices.

None of this would have happened without your and Steve's efforts
in putting together the DVD's.  Thanks over and over again."


Dennis Avner
System Owner


"The thing I like most about the the DVD set is the comprehensive nature of the topics. This is pretty much everything you need to know about day and swing trading, in great detail.

The most important items are repeated over and over in different settings, so it's almost like programmed learning.

It comes off very well. I now use Steve's candle patterns to routinely know when to lighten or even get out of a position.

The candles correctly predicted a change in direction in both. I also now use Ken's techniques on the 1 minutes chatrs to hone my entries and exits.

Probably the biggest difference in my trading now since studying the 14 DVD set is being able to avoid the intraday "chop" that Ken repeatedly illustrates so well. This has keep me from entering numerous trades that would have gone nowhere.

I also now know how to more comfortably evaluate the short term trend
within the scope of the longer term trend that Steve teaches in the course. 

Jens Ruud
System Owner


"The 14 DVD set take all trader from beginner to more advanced into realtime trading with Ken and Steve. Im a newbee.

The DVDs explain everything in an easy to follow guide step by step. The DVDs have clear rules for entry and real time.

You watch and learn from some of the best...if not the best.. in the game.

The best is that you can watch and learn from the DVDs over and over again. One thing is to read ..another thing is watch over the shoulder of the pro. 

I really think that if I follow what i have learned in the DVD set I can make some problem though:-), I should have had it a long time ago.

I have done some papertrading followed what i learned from the DVDs..(entry and exit rule and candlestick formation) to watch and learn from Ken and Steve.
The test has proved that it works even for me.

I have learned so much from the dvd and you have made me want to learn even more about trading. The 14 DVDs are worth every dollar.

Now I know what type of trade to look for and where to put my entry and exit point. But one more important thing ..know I also know what kind of trade to avoid:-)"

Joe Siano
System Owner


"The real time examples helped to solidify what I had learned and I was not disappointed!

That's to what I have learned, my entries and exits are much sharper. 

This has not only improved my profits, but more importantly, cut my losses by exiting quicker at the turning signals I have learned."

David Parker
System Owner


"I have been trading for five years now and this instructional 14dvd series has helped me feel like I have the confidence to trade with the pro's.

My style of trading never included time and sales or the adx so I was clueless on how to use it until these DVD's came out.

I feel like I've been given a complete package of rules and guidelines to follow... I would recommend this seminar series to anyone.

This package has provided a look at the market from start to finish inside and out... Thank You!"


Adrian Gallagher
System Owner


"Gave me real detail on how to find tradeable stocks - a major improvement for my trading.

This week has been long and hard though, as it took me a long time to put everything into practice.

I have the guts of a plan together now, and I know that I can get quicker making the right decisions going forward. Thanks to both of you.

(Now I do more of): Working to a plan. checking the R/R (risk/reward) BEFORE pulling the trigger. Much more selective on what I trade (written criteria all new stocks must meet).

The DVD's are great - thanks so much for the reality checks of live charts and feedback on them."


Dale Switzer
System Owner


"I have generally been swing trading. Steve's candle explanations have helped hone entry and exit points.

I never really considered daytrading until viewing the DVD's.

Now, I have been paper trading the concepts. Great so far.

The concept of using a break out of a trading range for a new high or low has saved me from entering positions essentially going nowhere.

Many times I use options and have sat in positons waiting for a breakout which almost but never comes. Waiting til the breakout, saves the loss of time value.

I am better at seeing support and resistance and assessing whether the risk to reward ratio is worth entering the position... Thanks for a great product!"


Candy Matheson
System Owner


"I found the presentation of the information in your DVDs to be very clear, useful, and concise, and since it was recorded in real time market conditions, it clarified specifically what to look forin my intraday trading tactics.


The changes I've made in my entry and exit methods and on my screen layouts have taken me to more consistent intraday wins vs losses since viewing your DVDs.

Also, the changes I've made on my screen layouts have made my pre-market and market opening scanning quicker and easier, and my evening reviews faster.

All in all, my intraday trading life has been made easier and has become more streamlined!

The specific setups described in your DVDs have made it easier to spot 2 day-high/low breakouts and continuations, cup patterns & consolidations, support & resistance areas, risk/reward ratios, candle patterns, moving averages, volumes, time & sales, relative strength/weakness of stock to sector, e-mini futures, and 3-line breaks. "


Pat S.
System Owner


"The way Ken looked at the market with laser like precision was good for me.

The use of time and sales was such an eye opener and something I never looked at before but will not do without.

Steve's teaching on candlesticks was very good in helping me to see the early signs for reversals and making me more aware of how candles can be used to make trading decisions.

...I am confident that I have a better knowledge to pick the right stocks to trade. Also the drilling on cutting losses quickly will help me to preserve my capital.

I have lost a lot of money in the markets and one big mistake I made was instead of trading with a downtrend I would try unsuccessfully try to pick the bounces.

Now I know differently and I will not be doing that again. I used to be looking at hundreds of stocks and keeping charts and analysis on them.

Now I will only zero in on a few and keep trading to a minimum amount of time.  The biggest thing I have gained is confidence in when to enter a trade and exit a trade. "

John & Nona Perricone
System Owner


"I liked learning from market professionals like Ken Calhoun and Steve Nison... It is not easy to learn all they offer in this DVD set, but well worth the effort.

I am very impressed and recommend this to anyone who wants to learn how to trade stocks - period.

Since learning how to read Candle Stick Patterns and how to draw Support and Resistance Lines, my profits have increased... I have won back all the money I lost in the first 10 months."

Raymond Abdullah
System Owner


"I like the fact that this is done in real time. I needed to see live action trades using your methods.

Also the contrast of swing trades and intraday trading entry and exit points was very helpful for my trade planning.

I must admit that I am hard headed when it comes to making premature entries. but since studying the dvd system I have become more patient in my both my trade picks and my entry.

Before seeing the dvd system I was always entering trades to early a getting shook out of a profitable trade. Now I have more confidence in my decision making. Also I now trade in smaller share sizes until my trade direction has been confirmed by time and sales data....thanks for the help!"


Darryl Cunningham
System Owner


Good quality recordings and easy to understand.

I've been trading off and on for 20 years and my system finally came together by using just one of your many tactics.   Thank you!"

David Ong
System Owner


"This is the only realtime seminar that I have experienced before in my life, that's what I like about the videos.

Also, I can watch the videos over and over again. Everytime I watch it again I learn something new.

After watching the videos, I know where to place my entries and exits. And I am more confident on my trades."

Steven Sherman
System Owner


" The system has made me very aware of the market internals when trading. Now I can trade in strength and in the way the market is moving.

This way I can avoid bad entries that look alright. I am more aware as to how to avoid market chop and not get stopped out by where I enter trades.

Thanks a Million!"

Bill Denton
System Owner


"It is a very cost-effective and great training package that had useful information for even more advanced traders.

I knew it would improve my trading wins as these were a few new tools for me to use. You CAN teach new tricks to even old dogs!


Robert Wagner
System Owner


"I have enjoyed the 14-DVD "Stock Trading Success" system by Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun. 

Although I do swing trading and do not get to watch the stock market opening because I work full time, I have used the concepts to improve my trading...

I have improved entries by watching the candlesticks and Western technicals.  They tell me when the market is on the move.  I have improved exits by watching the trend become tired. 

I used to stay into a trade long beyond the time to exit.  I would look for some "hopeium" to wish the trend would continue as it fell back near my entry point.

Ken has shown me how to approach the market in a quick fast-paced top-down manner with the confidence to get in, go with the trend, and exit before the trend turned against me. 

Steve has trained me to look for signals at the proper entry and exit points rather than where I my eyes wanted them to be. If you learn the details presented in the first 4 DVDs, it will pay for the entire course, everything else is gravy. Ken and Steve, thanks for the fine "Stock Trading Success" System"

Jeff Jones
System Owner


"Since ordering your videos my confidence is soaring...

You have given me the missing pieces that have turned everything around.

Thank you!"

Ed Tells You..."The Information Derived from this was GREAT!"
"I've been to two seminars now with Steve Nison, and the first with Ken Calhoun...

And it was quite enlightening, I felt that the information that was derived from this was GREAT...!"  Click above to see this trader's
actual Video 'Success Story'

Ed Clements

Stock Trading Success
System Trader

  ...and I can only say, with Ken you WIN, and if you're missing, you're missing Nison"

Earnings Disclaimer

Gary Says "...Dollar for Dollar, These Guys Will Teach You
The Real Deal!"
"I finally decided... — I need to go see these guys.   Learn from real time traders, doing it in realtime.

They've showed me many of the mistakes that I've made in the past — how to fix them.   Many new techniques... how to drill down into the market...  Click above to see this trader's
actual Video 'Success Story'

Gary Manning
Stock Trading Success
System Trader

..I've seen the cost of a lack of education... Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, these guys will teach you the real deal!"

Earnings Disclaimer

Emily's Ecstatic Because She Learned About "Honing Entry and Exit Points, Which Is So Critical",
Says It Was A "Wonderful Experience and I Would
HIGHLY Recommend It...!"

"It's been a very big eye-opener for me... I'm new to intraday trading, and Ken has introduced me to 6 new techniques for scanning for stocks...

.. and really honing entry and exit points, which is so critical..

and something I've needed a lot of work on..

And Steve's work on the candlesticks, and integrating them with some of the Western technicals has been very helpful..   Click above to see this trader's
actual Video 'Success Story'
Emily Bray
Stock Trading Success
System Trader

And the whole seminar has been a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend it! "

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